The new way to connect

Our commitment to equip mortgage broker teams with quality platforms for meanfingful and effective customer relationships.



Accelerate your sales journey with access to pre-qiualified viable leads


Easy as 1 click process to invite borrowers for fact find and document submission

Fact find

Swift and comprehensive fact find for simple and complex home loan applications


Secure collection and document storage for loan proposals


Direct messaging with borrowers using Loanshopper messaginig platform


Build highly effective loan assessment teams for greater productivity

Loan products

Automatically updated inventory of loan products and inflight proposals across a wide vriety of lenders.




Package features

  • Leverage the Loanshopper client data platform for BYO client connections

You should choose this if

  • You require an enterprise grade client data collection platform compatible with emerging trends in borrower engagement and data collection


$99 for 3 month subscription

$299 for annual subscription

plus commision charges

Package features

  • Database of latest home loan rates from various loan providers
  • Send loan proposals direct to Loanshopper borrower accounts

Optional extra Sales generator feature

  • Access to Loanshopper prospects database
    • Note: we charge a commission on loan discharge for all proposals sent to Loanshopper prospects

You should choose this if

  • Your focus is to save costs, time, and resources for generating sales by leveraging Loanshopper prospect database
  • You intend to foster trust in the borrower relationship via Loanshopper’s secure channel for fact and document submissions

Workspaces - coming soon

$99 set up fee

$49 per case

plus commission charges

Package features

  • All features of Basic package plus Sales generator feature enabled (Note: Commission charges applicable on all proposals sent to Loanshopper prospects on loan discharge)
  • Teams and role based operational set up
  • Simplified case management and assessment workflows

    You should choose this if

    • You want empower your team with highly effective borrower engagement processes and systems
    • You want to boost productivity and streamline loan assessments process at scale